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Trades Hall Website goes live
Trades Hall went live today Trades Hall Club Bamber Bridge

Vegas Europe
Casino Guru joins the family on Vegas Europe

Vegas Europe

Welcome to our site!
DT Enterprise Mission
Do you want a professional-quality web presence? You've come to the right place. We are DT Enterprise, web designers in England, We assist small and mid-size businesses with creating or enhancing an online presence. Nowadays every business needs a website, and a good website! A website is your business card that can be visited by everybody at every moment of the day. This makes it extremely important that your website brings the right message that reflects your business and its values. When you choose us, we will work with you personally in all phases of the design process to create a design that reflects the branding and nature of your business. we will be there for you whenever you require assistance, and that's not all. I can also manage and host your website every year, keeping them up-to-date and online all year round. All the websites we create are stylish, forward thinking, and user friendly. From design and build to content management and statistics we create your website to be an attractive, accessible and visitor focused experience.

Progressive Development
Our Aproach to Web Design
We believed that it is critical to the success of your project for you to understsand our aproach when we design youa custom website. We aim to gain 100% satisfaction from all our clients by completing your site on time, based on your requirements, to help you understand our aproach there is a brief outline of the process below.
  • Phase I - Planning Your Website>
  • The first phase of creating your website will be to gather information. We will ask you about your business, who your target market is, your expectations and what you would like to accomplish, we will also ask for the the content that you would like to have in your online presence. Once we have got all the information required, We will provide you with a general proposal of the cost it will take to get your work done.

  • Phase II - Mock-up of your Website
  • The second phase we will concentrate on creating a mock-up of your website. This allows you to view the navigation and layout of your site, It will show you how your content will look, along with graphical placeholders. We want you to be completely happy with the look and feel of your website. If there becomes a need for additional mock-ups before continuing to the next phase, we will provide you with those. After all, this is the face of your organization! Your website needs to reflect the branding and nature of your business.

  • Phase III - Designing your Website
  • After your approval on the mock-up of your website, we will continue the development of your website based on the chosen design. However before we can get started with the development of your website we do require a payment of 1/2 of the initial proposal cost (The other 1/2 will be required in Phase IV). Based on what we have learnt in the earlier phases, we will create a profesional and clean website, with a consistant apearance that will be comptaible with most popular browsers. During this stage we will stay in contact with you to ensure that your expectations are constantly being met. We will temprarily host your website on our servers whilst developing your website, So you will be able to monitor the progress and make suggestions or request changes as the work progresses.

  • Phase IV - Publishing of your Website
  • Your site is almost ready to "go live". At this stage we test the site and make sure that everything is working and created as planned. Your websites functionality will be reviewed, spellchecked and checking all links. We will test your site with all the popular web browsers, Once this test is complete and upon receipt of the final 1/2 of your payment (pricing may vary based on additional requests during the development phase), we will then put the site online, based on domain name availability and your hosting service.


Trades Hall Club Bamber Bridge
Very good service and within timescale

Vegas Europe
Very good professionall service
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